Hair Fall: Everything You Need To Know

May 28, 2018 Author: Team Truekure


In the 21st century, we have the advancement in science and technology to such lengths, that we have been close to eradicating several diseases and infections of an individual within a matter of days. But there are certain diseases & infections which science have not been able to fully overcome. Hair fall is one of those many things that humans have still been trying to crack it and bring a perfect solution to it. Yes, there has been some breath through in recent times but nothing has stuck. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the subject of hair fall.

Baldness is the possible outcome of hair fall as the hair starts to fall off from your scalp because of several reasons that might be responsible for it. There are many medical terms and even natural causes for this to the event to happen in the first place. Hence let’s dig deeper and know more about hair fall.

What are the possible causes for hair fall?

Usually, people tend to lose some amount of hair on a daily basis. Well, it can be one or two strands if you were to put a tab. But then with hair fall, that number increases to 100-150 strands of hair per day. The various causes of hair fall are given below:

•    After effects of radiation – radiation causes the scalp to not retain the hair and might aggravate hair fall.

•    Heredity – if you have any kind of blood relation or even any kind of close relative who might have hair fall at an early age, then it might be accountable for you having hair fall.

•    Certain hair treatments – with so many chemicals and also different kinds of experiments being done on several people’s heads, it’s more likely to have hair all than hair growth.

•    Changes in hormones – well there are so many incidents that could occur in an individual as, during any kind of pregnancy or even a menstrual cycle, it’s always has been a result of hair fall striking first than any other symptom. And also, it might relate to any other disease that might have aggravated the situation.

•    Side effects of mediation – if the dosage of medication is high and also quite heavy on your body, then you can expect it to cause hair fall and even cause some other kind of side effects from the intake of the drug.

Possible risk factors for having hair fall.

There are numerous risky things that a person might indulge in their day to day life that might increase the chances of having hair fall. Some of which are given below.

•    Inducing a large or excess amount of stress.

•    Undergoing certain kind of medical treatments for cancer or lupus or diabetes.

•    Ageing factor.

•    Heredity and genetics.

•    Weight loss due to some underlying cause.

How can you know that you have hair fall?

An individual can come to know as to when they might have started to get hair fall in so many different ways. Some of which are given below.

•    Unexpected losing hair – any sort of emotional outbreak can cause the scalp of your head to lose hair and cause it thin and not be there on top of your head.

•    Gradual thinning of hair – well the hair on top of your head for both men and women becomes thin and starts to lose the strength factor that might result in the occurrence or onset of hair fall.

•    Patches on your head – it might be due to some infection or some other kind of thing, but then hair fall can cause some patches where some of the hair might stay and others might as well just fall off.

Precautionary steps for hair fall

There are several different ways where you can prevent hair fall from happening. Some of which are given below.

•    Wash your hair with proper shampoos and also oil them on a periodic basis.

•    Quit smoking and also limit the intake of alcohol.

•    Avoid the intake of artificial hair growth medications, they never are useful and on contrary cause hair fall.

•    Keep your hair away from the duct and outdoor conditions.

•    Avoid trying out new conditioners and another kind of treatments for your hair. Do exactly as the doctor tells you.

Also, hair fall can be treated at your home with homemade things. But then if you are looking out for something where you can get more of a professional hand, then check out where we can take care of you right from the kind of doctor that you would want till the point of recovery, everything is undertaken by us. Check us out and reaching us to know more.