Vitrectomy Surgery: A Patients Guide

April 27, 2018 Author: Team Truekure


The structure of the eye is quite complex and also involves a lot of nerves and fibres that make up the entire eye system. The eye also comprises of different kinds of fluids as well that help in the sensation of light which can be a bonus advantage in how people tend to see the things around them. But due to improper care and some kind of damage to the tissues or the retina of the eyeball, there might be leakage of blood or some other kind of fluid into the gel-like substance within the eyeball. This might be caused due to some infection or some other accident. To take out the gel-like substance and replace it with a replacement is known as Vitrectomy. So now that we know as to what it actually means, let’s get on with knowing in knowing more about the procedure. Let’s get cracking.


Well, the process of having vitrectomy done is only when your gel-like substance in the eyeball is starting to come in contact with other substances of the eye. Though it might seem to have no sort of influence on the vision but gradual increase in the fluid to be present within the eyeball can actually result in impaired vision and also cause blindness and the other fluid present in the eyeball tends to block out any kind of vision to reach the back of the eye and blocks the interpretation of signals from the eye to the brain.


There are certain advantages that you can have if you get the surgery done, some of which are given below.:

1.       Helps in replacing the damaged blood vessels of the eye.

2.       Helps in curing serious eye damage.

3.       Treatment of wrinkles in your eyes.

4.       Removal of infections that could prove to be fatal if left untreated.


The operation can be carried out over a span of several hours and can be very intricate depending upon the level of damage that the eyeball has suffered. In the start, anaesthesia is given such that the patient sleeps throughout the operation, but for eye surgery, the opening of the eye is necessary. Then the surgeon carefully removes the white part of your eye also known as the Sclera. Then with the help of a needle, extracts the gel-like substance out of your eyeball and replaces it with a silicon-based fluid. Before this cut or the hole from where the external fluid is entering the eyeball is filled. The retina is temporarily placed on top of the eyeball with a small gas bubble. Which in time goes away on its own. Then everything is stitched up and a patch is applied to an antibiotic applied. The entire procedure is very complex and requires highly trained individuals.


In India, the procedure can cost up to 4-5 lakhs in private hospitals and normally takes several hours to finish the operation.

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