Spinal Decompression: Everything You Need To Know

April 6, 2018 Author: Team Truekure


The human body has a lot of pressure inside it such that all the movement of blood and the flow of fluids from one part to another part of the body is fluidic and consistent. Some kind of blow or accident can result in the body having to obstruct this flow, in turn, causing the pressure inside our body to either increase or decrease. The same things happen to the spinal cord of the body where if any kind of physical pressure is applied to the spinal cord there might be some adverse consequences as well. But then there are certain ways through which one can relieve this built-in pressure and also ensure that it doesn’t have any sort of damage to the spinal cord as well. Spinal decompression is the procedure of removing the excess pressure built on the spinal cord and enabling the spinal cord to function normally under all given circumstances. Now that we know as to what spinal decompression is, let’s get cracking to know more about the subject.


Spinal decompression Is the process of liberating the excess pressure built up in the spinal cord due to some kind of cancer or osteoporosis. Not only this but then when there is excess pressure built into the spinal cord, there are higher chances of something fatal to happen and also cause imminent death as well.


Though the procedure might be safe and dependable, there are still some risks in actually getting it done. Firstly, there might be some kind of adverse effect that might affect the normal functionality of the spinal cord. Also when any sort of instrument is inserted in the spinal cord, there are higher chances of something going terribly wrong. Hence it might result in death as well. The onset of paralysis can be evident is something were to happen during surgery.


The procedure of carrying out this process is quite simple but yet very complicated as you need to have the right kind of knowledge upon how deep the needle needs to be immersed in the spinal cord. Not only this but then the procedure starts off by giving the patient anaesthesia and then in the right spot a needle is inserted through the spinal disc into the tiny tube where all the nerves are present. Then when the needle is inserted the pressure tends to be released and the nerves are relaxed. After this, the needle isn’t removed suddenly but with some amount of care the needle is removed and certain kind of anti-biotic are applied to relieve the pressure and make sure that the area isn’t infected. The entire procedure is quite painful but then it takes somewhere around 5-6 lakh rupees in order to get it done and around 5-6 hours for the entire procedure to be done under certain precautionary measures

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