Laryngectomy: The Voice Box Removal Procedure

March 22, 2018 Author: Team Truekure


The only reason why we differ from animals is that the human body possesses a proper speech and a highly advanced brain that separates our species from the rest. Because of our speech, we tend to have our Vocal Cords and another sort of muscle that tends to give you the ability to produce sounds and also communicate with one another. The position of the Vocal Cords is in the throat which is again connected with our mouth and nose. Thus what if something was to go wrong and then had to be removed. The procedure of removal of the larynx from the throat is known as Laryngectomy. A procedure to remove the larynx form out throat due to various reasons. Also, the larynx is also responsible for keeping the fluid that you drink away from the lungs and the air that your breath away from your stomach. Cause if these both were to be mixed of sent wrongly, then there might be some fatal consequence. So let’s get cracking on knowing something more about laryngectomy.


There are several reasons as to why this might be required. But if it’s done then breathing swallowing and other functions related to the throat might need some new methods of making sure that the functions are carried out. But the following reasons are as to why one might as well need the procedure to be done.

1.       There might be some kind of damage caused to the larynx due to some kind of radiation exposure.

2.       Have a heavy sustenance factor from a gunshot or severe throat infection.

3.       The development of cancer in the larynx that might need the removal of the larynx.

But then depending upon what kind of damage is caused to the larynx, the surgeon might as well remove a little or the whole of your larynx.


First, the area of the neck is cleaned with some anti-bacterial gel that clear sit for incision. then incisions are made and the part of the larynx is taken out depending upon the underlying cause of the laryngectomy to happen in the first place. After this when a part of the larynx or the whole of the larynx is taken out, there is a pipe attached to the trachea and open up through the throat such that the patient has no difficulty in breathing as well. Also after this, the lymph nodes depending upon the underlying cause might as well be removed or replaced or altered depending upon the disease or kind of damage that might have caused the larynx to fail or dysfunction. After everything is successfully done, the surgeon closes up the throat and leaves the drainage pipes that are connected to your throat outside such that manual breathing could take place by the machines to make you breathe better.

But then after the procedure recovery takes a really long time and making sure that you get your voice back is a close to impossible task as well. But then with proper care and medication things might restore back to normal and you might have the same voice back again. But living without a voice can be scary but nowadays everything is done with utmost care such that the error margin has shrunk drastically. The entire procedure in India costs around 3-4 lakh rupees and takes around 4-5 hours.

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