Lumbar Spine Surgery: Facts & Procedure

March 13, 2018 Author: Team Truekure
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The human body is primarily comprised of several different nerves that make up the sensory as well as a responsive stimulus to our system. But the major carrier of these nerves that is responsible for the movement of hands and legs is the spine. The spinal cord is the most delicate and the most important part of the human body. But to protect it, there is a spine that runs through the back and keeps us upright and not causing any further damage. But what if there was a significant blow to the back and to the lower portion of the spine such that it gets ruptured in the process and you are temporarily disabled and movement of your legs are impaired. When a scenario like this happens, then there is a procedure known as lumbar spine surgery that is done to the lower part of the spinal cord in order to preserve it from further damage and other kinds of fatal things to happen. Now that we have learned as to what the surgery does, let’s take a deeper look into the subject. So let’s get cracking.


The primary reason for lumbar spine surgery to be carried out is because the surgery helps in preserving the normal functionality of the spinal cord. Also, it helps in fixing the ruptured arteries and veins that flow through the spinal cord. Not only this but then the surgery also prevents the spinal cord from being deformed and the lower portion of the spinal cord is preserved in the operation as well.


Not everything is safe and guaranteed with 100% results. There are several risk factors as well that you might have to take into consideration as to how one might one to get it done. Depending upon the intensity of the damage, a major part of your spinal cord might need extensive repair and this might cause some sort of disturbance to your hands and legs and affect your movements well. Also, the surgery might nick some veins that might result in some fatal consequences even death as the spinal cord houses the most important nerves that are responsible for movement and other voluntary motion. Also, it might not give you the guaranteed results as there might be some sort of deformation in the recovery and according to the damage sustained by an individual. You can expect some retardation in growth as well after the surgery.


Lumbar spine surgery is a surgery that is not only time consuming but also takes up much of the recovery time as well. The surgeon first applies an antibiotic to clear of any sort of germs or infection. The patient is given anaesthesia. Later an incision is made into the lower back of the spinal cord where the damage is checked and the surgeon operates through the bones of the spinal cord and making sure that nothing is gone wrong. Even if one nerve is bruised or cut by any chance during the surgery then that might result in the patient in having permanent or temporary paralysis of the legs. After this when the damage to the bones is repaired and the pain giving nerves are restored back to its normal place, the wounds are stitched back up and is masked up with an antibiotic cream to help in the healing process. But the entire process is very expensive and can cost an average person about 10-11 lakhs with 5-6 hours of surgery time.

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