Various Problems of the Eye

March 5, 2018 Author: Team Truekure
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In a human body, there are several factors which enable us to overpower every other kind of living organism in the world. But when it comes to our sensory organs, we have one of the most advanced organs than everyone else. Eyes are one of the most important sensory organs to anyone of the living organism enabling them to see and grasp things as to what comes in front of them. But then what if there were something to happen to these eyes and cause it to be fully damaged or partially damaged because of some kind of accident or disease. Hence let’s get to the different kinds of eye problems that ever human might be a victim of. Let’s get cracking.


There are many types of eye problems which range from a small issue to permanent blindness. Some of, them which fall under this category are given below.

1.    Red Eyes – Sometimes you might wonder as to why your eyes would look like that of a wolf or a hound. This is nothing but an irritation caused in the blood vessels by the eyes that causes it the inflame and bleed out resulting in this problem. Moreover, its caused mainly due to dust and also some forging particles being stuck in the eye and resulting in such a thing. Wear protective gear in order to prevent this from spreading as there might be some scenarios where it might affect another person just by looking at them.

2.    Lazy Eye – Well in the development phase of the baby, when one eye tends to not develop properly then its termed as lazy eye as there is a lesser vision and it moves really slowly as well. But then the onset of treatment and medication has had its toll on making sure that it doesn’t happen more to often in children’s. Surgery is also another key to correcting this deformity.

3.    Uveitis – Primarily known as the centre for blindness occurring, the disease tends to affect the uvea that houses all the primary blood vessels of the eye. It tends to get corroded and making that person go blind in an instant due to the inflammation and damaged blood vessels of the eye. Depending on what kind of uveitis that you possess there is particular treatment given out.

4.    Night Blindness – when it gets hard to see in shady places and makes it, even more, harder to see in the dark even though it’s slightly lit, then there is an onset of night blindness. It tends to be caused by the lack of vitamin A and affects the cataract of the eye. Proper surgery and medication along with a balanced diet can rectify this problem and eradicate it as well.

5.    Colorblindness – when you can differentiate between red and green, then you have colorblindness. Mainly referred to as the absence of cone cells or color cells of the eye that is responsible for determining colors. Primarily contacts are handed out in order to rectify them and surgery has shown some positive results in eliminating this defect.

6.    Dry Eyes – when the eyes can’t make quality tears for the eye to be lubricated at times, then this defect is referred as dry may be caused due to some deformity in the tear ducts or a disease causing it. the doctors might prescribe some sort of drops to keep your eyes safe and lubricated at all times. Surgery is also done in extreme cases. But then at times if not taken seriously then it might result in partial or total blindness.

7.    Glaucoma – The human body has some kind of pressure inside it. Even the eye has some pressure. But when this pressure exceeds a certain point then it may cause damage to the optic nerve which then causes total or partial blindness. It may result in the hardness of the eye as well. Certain kind of medication such as drops has shown improvement. But in most cases, surgery has shown much better signs of improvement.

8.    Presbyopia – It basically is another name to short-sightedness where a person can see long distance but loses the vision of closer objects as well, it may be caused due to harsh environmental conditions affecting the eye or ageing as well. Certain kinds of glasses, cataract surgery and other procedures have greater outcomes than medication.

But then if you want some in-depth information and proper treatment facilities, then head onto where you can find out more about these diseases and know which doctor to consult as well.